Admin re-authenticate question

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Admin re-authenticate question

Post by kevbo22 »

I am wondering if I can make a separate login page for the admin re-authentication. I found the admin re-authenticate code in: adm/index.php on lines 30-34:

// Have they authenticated (again) as an admin for this session?
if (!isset($user->data['session_admin']) || !$user->data['session_admin'])
login_box('', $user->lang['LOGIN_ADMIN_CONFIRM'], $user->lang['LOGIN_ADMIN_SUCCESS'], true, false);

And I found "login_box" in: includes/functions.php starting on line 2859:

* Generate login box or verify password
function login_box($redirect = '', $l_explain = '', $l_success = '', $admin = false, $s_display = true)

Can I make a duplicate login page and name it say login_admin.php and have my ACP re-authenticate redirect here? How can I do this? Thanks.
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Re: Admin re-authenticate question

Post by Oleg »

Please ask in mod writers discussion forum on This board is for development of phpbb itself.
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