mod writer questions about email notifications and queues

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mod writer questions about email notifications and queues

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Since the mod writers forum is down with the rest of, I figured maybe I could ask a mod writers question here.

I've been experimenting with the code that mails out forum and topic notifications and I see that when the email package size that appears in the email settings part of the ACP is set to a number other than 0, outgoing notification emails get put into a queue rather than being sent out immediately. I assume this is to deal with email servers that block outgoing mass emails.

But I'd like to know how the queue works. Once an email gets placed in the queue, how long does it stay there and what triggers them being sent out?

I was pretty surprised to see that that forum and topic notifications are individually addressed, with Hello, [username] at the beginning of each. That means that if an email is sent to 500 users, mail() sends out 500 separate emails - with each recipient having its own address in the TO field - rather than one email with 500 bccs. Is that just as fast as one email with 500 bccs? Are there tradeoffs in setting things up this way?