Problem since transferring site

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Problem since transferring site

Post by hopupu »

Hi all,

I have been using easymod a lot on my forum (, with great succes.

However, my site has recently been transferred to another server and when trying to perform the 22 -> 23 PHPBB update I encountered this error:
Critical Error

: complete_file_repro[1]->modio_close[2]

FTP ERROR: could not write file [admin/mods/update/processed/admin/admin_forums.php.txt]
MOD script line #95
Because of the change in server, the username en password for FTP was changed.

When I tried to update my easymod setting, I got this message:
Your EasyMOD settings have been updated successfully. (EM password not updated)

Testing FTP access...
1) Logged in successfully
2) CD to EasyMOD path successfully
3) wrote to phpBB root successfully

But when I looked at the settings again nothing was changed!

Please help me, since I use easymod alot (the best).


PS I also tried deleting easymod, but when I tried to install it again I got the message there was already a version of easymod installed. Then I just copied the files back.