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EM History

Post by SheWolf »

Well, I have to admit the EasyMod sure makes things a lot simpler to get mods functioning properly. I am glad I managed to get the damned thing working finally!
What I am about to say I'm sure has had to have occurred before. My apologies if I am repeating something already posted, but I could not find this thru the search on the forum.
When I installed the mods to my board, everything seemed to execute ok. There were some mods where the language files didn't register with some of the mods, but I scrolled thru them and English was what I was worried about. It wasn't in the errors, so I continued. Anywho, in the end I checked my EM history, and it shows only 2 mods there; the EM itself and then a 'merge/split' mod. The other mods that said successfully installed are not there, yet when I go back into the 'Install Mod' area in EM, there they are as unprocessed. Strangely, the mods are functioning on my board quite nicely. I just don't understand why they aren't showing in the history and still showing as unprocessed in the Install Mod section. I would surely like to have those out of there because when I go to execute a new mod, I will have to filter through that mess that says is still unprocessed. ANy ideas or comments that can be helpful would be appreciated. 8-)
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Re: EM History

Post by Lumpy Burgertushie »

the only thing that comes to mind is maybe they were duplicates with different names.

or, more likely, there is a different txt file in that MOD's folder

easymod looks in the folder that you upload and any file with a txt or mod extension will be listed as waiting to be installed.