OK, errors on all ezmod installs

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OK, errors on all ezmod installs

Post by D3monik »

Ok...this is simple, i think. I installed ezmod with phpbb2 in hopes of being able to easily add the mods i want to my site. DIdnt work. Anywayz, I have easymod installed and was able to install the cash mod and xsmod just fine. However, any further mods i try to install brings up errors finding lines in files.????.....how am i suppose to add other mods when after two mods added i am getting errors for everything.

The mods i have tried to install after the two i succeeded in are forums_view_counter, last_visited, online_stats, rep mod.

I really basically want the cash mod, lottery mod, rep mod, shout box mod, who was here mod, ranks mod, rank color mod, global announcements and subforums.

I havent tried everything i want simply because im frustrated at the fact that i have about 5 diff mods that come up on my easymod control panel that give me errors on install.

Any help on these would be nice :(

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Re: OK, errors on all ezmod installs

Post by Realisty »

The more mods you install the more likely easymod will give errors finding the right lines cause the other mods have changed those lines for them to work.
So not much there can be done then editing those lines yourself.
Or find someone who can do it for you if you are not able to do it yourself.
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Re: OK, errors on all ezmod installs

Post by WhiteWolfSix »

Realisty wrote:Or find someone who can do it for you if you are not able to do it yourself.
But do not recruit them here at Area51 or at phpbb.com because it violates forum rules. 8-)
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Kevin Clark
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Re: OK, errors on all ezmod installs

Post by Kevin Clark »

Two or three of those are among the most complicated MODs out there. You can't always expect them to just drop in big code changes without any problems.

If you're using something other than subSilver you probably have style code issues. If it is subSilver then either the MODs might be old and the base code is now different or they are changing code that other MOD installs then look for and what it's asked to find doesn't strictly exist any more. You will have to do a certain amount of it by hand. Note down the files it fails on and do those edits yourself.

An alternative is to look at phpBB3 which has global announcements and subforums built in which removes two of them. The others might well be in development already.

Or ask yourself if you REALLY need all the MODs you're looking at. For example, I've been on sites before that have run the cash MOD and then dumped it. Sounds fun at the start but as you can't really do a lot with the cash you accrue I've seen it taken off again.