Need help Big Time!

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Need help Big Time!

Post by Steve_S »

I have limited knowledge in this stuff, so bear with me. Here's the quick and dirty...

As of this morning, my board was running fine, version with attachment mod. Then I did the following:

- Installed EZ Mod 0.3.0, working fine.
- Installed Approval Mod 2.0.0-RC3, working fine.
- Installed Easy Assign User To Groups 1.0.7a, working fine.
- Installed Simple Auto User Group... glitch. The group permissions were now missing the options for Approval Mod.

I don't remember the exact turn of events from here on, but at one point for some reason I removed everything from the "admin/mods" folder. Strange things happened so I put them back. I then backed up the entire site and uploaded a backup from before EZ Mod, figuring I'd just start over.

Here's where I'm really stumped...

My content is all intact, so obviously this is all kept in a database separate from the normal list of files I see. However the forum is telling me EZ Mod is already installed, even though it is missing from the control panel. Does EZ Mod install itself somewhere out of sight also? I've replaced all site files with those from this morning before this debacle, but it's still acting as if EZ Mod is still installed. The Groups I created are also still there.