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Discuss features as they are added to the new version. Give us your feedback. Don't post bug reports, feature requests, support questions or suggestions here. Feature requests are closed.
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Re: Quick Reply

Post by TwistedWeather »

code reader wrote:
TwistedWeather wrote: It means you wont get any support at MYBB if you use a modified version found elsewhere. Wow that was real hard to figure out. PHPBB doesnt give support for versions that are modified by others either. Up to the person who modded it to do the support. If you remove the phpbb copyright you wont get support here either.
forgive me, but this interpretation of the eula ("end user license agreement") is plain stupid.
if someone doesn't want to give support under some conditions, they do not need a line in the eula that states:
mybb eula wrote:You agree that no support will be given to those who use the distributed modified copies."
nobody needs my agreement for them not to give support. the only way that makes even the slightest sense of this line is to read it as requiring me (the person "signing" the eula) not to give support to such a version.
if this is not the meaning, then whoever wrote this eula is deficient in the logic department: why do i need to sign to agree that you will not support something? do you need my consent to avoid doing something you choose not to do? this is plain stupid, and I refuse to believe that the people at mybb can be so illogical.

and just to stretch this a little: phpbb does not give support on their site for some modified versions (eg., any "premodded" package, any fantastico distribution, phpbb embedded in "portals" etc.), and their license (gpl) has no and needs no mention of it.
in reality, you can release something under gpl (or any other open source agreement), and not give any support to anyone, or charge money for your support, or do whatever you please regarding support.

as to the 2nd part: i don't see where did i "twist the facts". i read the agreement, and it says that they can "terminate" my eula, and in such a case i must destroy all copies. which fact did i twist exactly?

You just did so AGAIN! By saying what you did about the having to destroy all copies. That APPLIES if you dont follow what the license asks you to follow? How hard is that to understand?

In the end it is a pointless arguement about the types of licenses as ANYONE ( here, mybb, ipb, smf, etc ) can change their license whenever they see fit as it is THEIR SOFTWARE. In the end that IS all that really matters. Thus the debate about the type of FREE license holds no water AT ALL. They are FREE and can change them anytime they see fit HERE and there.
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Re: Quick Reply

Post by stickerboy »

Will both you guys calm it - this topic is about discussing Quick Reply in phpBB3 - not myBB.
Any more off topic and there will be a warning heading your way
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