Problems with easyMOD

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Problems with easyMOD

Post by Blisk »

I have a question, which is the best way to setup easymod.
With FTP instalation of MODS
or copy instalation of MODS
because I didnt manage to setup EasyMOD to work that way that I don't need to do something manually.
I cannot setup easy mod with FTP, because some settings on server and FTP is not sexure way.
So it is possible to setup easy MOD to install MODs just with click and that's all.
And how?

I get this error below and I don't know what is wrong when I am installing this MOD.
It happends with all mods, and other people sucsesfully install this mod with easyMOD.
Some help please
Critical Error

FIND FAILED: In file [index.php] could not find:

// Start output of page
$page_title = $lang['Index'];
include($phpbb_root_path . 'includes/page_header.'.$phpEx);
'body' => 'index_body.tpl')

MOD script line #124