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General discussion of development ideas and the approaches taken in the 3.x branch of phpBB. The current feature release of phpBB 3 is 3.3/Proteus.
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Post by erichuff »

Hello Area51.

I have recently installed phpBB as an online education portal for the school that I work for. I am so impressed with the functionality and customizability of phpBB that it's all I play with anymore.

Two ways I would improve upon phpBB is to :

1) suggest developers think outside the "forum" box. I have experience with adult education institutions and newsrooms. Both types of organizations require specific web enabled software for their clients, that employees need to populate with info and moderate. phpBB works very well as a database driven web forum with these functionalities.

2) If there were some way to manipulate the visual output of the forum, or it's user interface, you could really have something valuable on your hands.

Companies pay other companies lots of money to handle those kinds of websites.

For universities, an option to view a topic with a threaded display instead of a linear would be extremely useful.

I think it's all about how you deliver the information.
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Post by KaileyT »


Welcome to phpBB! Suggestions/ideas are certainly welcome, but please post them in our ideas section of