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Topic Rating

Post by LindaPeterson »

Hello all, I would like to see a Topic Rating system incorporated to the PHPBB software, within forums there are always those very useful topics where members have spent a lot of time creating something for the benefit of others, it would be great to see that some form of rating so members could notice of these type of topics through something like rating stars showing on the actual topic.

I know there is a thanks system around which works fairly well but with that modification you have the option to thanks the topic starter or allow thanks in replies, I found that more members wanted to thank within replies which is obviously still good regarding thanking people but not really ideal to show these actual "shall I say special topics."

It seems such an important addition to phpbb to have something that simply allows members to rate topics

Cheers all

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Re: Topic Rating

Post by DavidIQ »


Please note that the proper channel for requesting or suggesting new features is the Ideas feature on, not here on Area 51. There is already one such suggestion that you can read up on here: ... &t=2189683

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