Development wiki - Manual software testing

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Development wiki - Manual software testing

Post by Lady_G »

The 3.1.10 release discussion has generated an interest to understand software testing from a user's perspective. There was a request to create a wiki page, which I have done.

I started a new topic in the support forum: Wiki - Testing phpBB software
Lady_G wrote:Following a discussion in Re: Discuss: phpBB 3.1.10 released, I have created a wiki page to describe tests that can be performed to verify software changes.

See: Manual tests - phpBB Development Wiki

The page is intended for users who understand how to configure the software, but are not developers. It is not important to understand the source code, only that the software works as intended.

These tests are to be performed after the forum has been configured (customisation, roles, permissions, etc.). Once a configuration has been established ("baseline"), software changes can be verified against this configuration.

This is a collaborative effort. Anyone with a login account to can edit this page.

The development wiki uses MediaWiki, which is the same software as Wikipedia. If you understand how to edit Wikipedia, you can edit the development wiki.

Otherwise, post your comments here and they can be entered into the wiki by another editor.
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Re: Development wiki - Manual software testing

Post by DavidIQ »

I like it. At least it provides a sort of checklist for people to go through when the RCs are produced. Thanks for your efforts on this!

Based on the current migration issues that cropped up in 3.1.10 it would be a good idea to add testing of extension install and uninstall.

Part of the process for these manual test should be to add new test cases for things that came up during and after the RC, the extensions one being one of those instances.
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