Processing PHP file from Form in Viewtopic

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Processing PHP file from Form in Viewtopic

Post by radyk »

New to phpbb but I want to process a php file from say viewtopic_body.html by modifying viewtopic_body.html with a form on the page. Seems like a simple exercise where a user clicks the form, the form calls process_me.php and then control is passed back to the html page - in this case viewtopic_body.html

Seems as though I can execute the php but control stays with my php coded page and doesn't return to viewtopic_body.html What is a way to do this?
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Re: Processing PHP file from Form in Viewtopic

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This is the wrong forum to be discussing this. You need to post your topic within itself within the correct forum.

This forum is for development discussion of the software itself, not with assisting you with your private needs.
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