Why user input should not be denied by dev team?

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Why user input should not be denied by dev team?

Post by developer11 »

This script (phpBB) is being developped under GNU GPL license. According to both this license and what many people (team members) told me in another topic(s), anyone can develop phpBB without any restrictions. If so - why devs have to review the code and agree it will see stable release? In other words - why do they deny someone's code from being released?

I understand that QA is crucial (especially with bigger projects) but - in the current shape - this applies to the commercial projects only. Im not questioning sense of existance of QA, they are useful sometimes, but it should be done differently.

Leets take user X (contributor) and user Y (team member). When user X uploads its code into GitHub (or any other cvs), its just merged and it goes to core. When user Y reviews what has been merged, and he sees something is not as it should be with the code, he automatically postpone release of new stable version and cooperate with user X till the code is corrected. In this way there is no denial, and everyone is happy.

I think developer team has wrongly understood what the denial means - they made the rule that users contributions have to be accepted prior adding into stable version. Its just against licence. Its up to one who review the code what to decide - if he have bad temper the day he review the code, than code will be rejected.... just because. Without any reason.......Its simply not fair.
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Re: Why user input should not be denied by dev team?

Post by Un1matr1x »

The license allow you to add your code and release it yourself - afaik it doesn't mean that every code has to go into the core.

and NO i wouldn't be happy if each and every think is in the phpbb-core, people with limit ressources may get problems :-)
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Re: Why user input should not be denied by dev team?

Post by DavidIQ »

You're not even remotely close to defining what Open Source is nor do you seem to have an understanding of what an Open Source license permits. Please research a bit more on the Open Source community as a whole since I can't fathom anybody ever thinking that it means any and all contributed code gets added to the mainstream code. I'd like to see you try to do that with Linux, jQuery, and any other OS project. It simply doesn't work that way. If it did then Open Source would be one gigantic failure and would be struggling to exist.

If someone writes code for phpBB, sends a pull request, and never even bothered to start an RFC discussion or try and get the community's opinion or didn't even create a ticket in the tracker then that is a complete failure of the person that did the code. If someone falls into this category and their pull request is rejected then that is very much the right thing to do and really no fault but their own, not the community's, not the Development Team.

For being new around here you sure are making way too many assumptions about how things work. You should spend some time getting more familiarized with how the development workflow here works. Perhaps you're not used to code reviews or others critiquing your code but I can assure you that the process we have in place works very well and the reviewers, the phpBB Development Team, will go above and beyond to get a PR corrected and unit tests passing. They don't just give the finger and close out pull requests just because they were having a bad day, as you seem to have suggested.
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Re: Why user input should not be denied by dev team?

Post by nickvergessen »

developer11 wrote:Without any reason.......Its simply not fair.
If you have any such case, feel free to ask another developer for a second view on the PR/discussion.
But in most of the cases, there are reasons and these reasons mostly will lead every developer to the same result.
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