Clearing the cach question

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Clearing the cach question

Post by otm21064 »

I ran into a real problem yesterday when i was trying to add banners to the overall header page, i added banners and they did not show up, i then read where i was supposed to click on purge the cach and click run now, i did this and lost everything on my page, i finaaly got my template back up but want to know what i did wrong and want to know what else i can do to make banners show up instead of purg the cach because i dont want to mess things up again, thanks
I am also trying to rplace the header image of this theme ic ant find it

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Re: Clearing the cach question

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Since the pink box wrote ;
While is offline, support related to styles themselves (code questions, "How do I do XYZ?", etc.) should be asked in the temporary MOD/Styles support forums.
I will move your topic ;)

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Re: Clearing the cach question

Post by whaturmuva »

If your page goes blank when you purge the cache then there must have either been a bump in your connection or server, or the index.php page is screwed up.

I can see the page now and there doesn't seem to be any banner problems. I would try it again because purging the cache only clears the history.