Easy Mod install stalls at step 2

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Easy Mod install stalls at step 2

Post by ddm »

Hi, complete Newbie here. Having problems installing Easy Mod as I need to install a video mod on a forum urgently, so I can embed video files for feedback for a project. I selected FTP settings and put in the FTP settings that I use, and it gives me this:
Testing FTP access...

FTP ERROR: connection to ftp://danielmoses.com:21 failed.
This error occurs frequently when the port number is incorrect. Back on step 1 you should try changing the FTP Port from 21 to whatever port you typically use when you FTP.
My port is always 21, dont know what else to put in. Do I need to close the FTP programme when I install?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, THANKS!
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Re: Easy Mod install stalls at step 2

Post by Realisty »

Try localhost as ftp host in the ftp settings .... that could help sometimes