Error with Installing Arcade

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Error with Installing Arcade

Post by danielc2384 »

I just installed the arcade mod for phpbb2 with easy mod and I got no errors in the installation process.

When I go to install the "upgrade" I get this error in easymod.

FIND FAILED: In file [includes/constants.php] could not find:


MOD script line #109 :: FAQ :: Report

When I go and try to add that line of code I cant even access my forum.

Can someone tell me where exactly "define('iNA_ needs to be placed in "constants.php" so I can do the upgrade.

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Re: Error with Installing Arcade

Post by Realisty »

I do not think define('iNA_ is the whole line ..... and you do not need to add it cause it should have been there already according to the modscript.
Are you sure you are updating from the right version to the right version cause it is possible that you got the wrong version installed on your board.