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Discuss features as they are added to the new version. Give us your feedback. Don't post bug reports, feature requests, support questions or suggestions here.
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Discuss features as they are added to the new version. Give us your feedback. Don't post bug reports, feature requests, support questions or suggestions here. Feature requests are closed.
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Pre modded Forums

Post by xBlade »

Hey all i wanted to inquire about looking for a pre modded version of phpbb forums, I run a pen and paper rpg gaming forums thats still kind of new but im looking for a forum that already has stable mods installed already. I tried useing a version called BBaCE but the person setting it up for me couldnt seem to get the DB from other forums installed thus it was a bust. So if anyone can recommend a pre mod that already has a stable arcade and other cool little features installed like the dungeons and rabits game and such i would love to find it. I tried installing the basic arcade mod and after fixing all the errors and get it all set up i couldnt figure out why there wasnt a game link in the nav and eventually the forums crashed on my home test site. So me being such a newbie to mysql,phpbb and such i would just like to find something close to BBaCE pre modded forums that will support my phpbb 2.0.22 DB from my other forums so i wont have to start fresh. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appriciated and if a pre mod like this exist for the new phpbb 3 i would also love to find it as BBaCE isnt being developed anymore or even really available.

Thanks in Advance
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Re: Pre modded Forums

Post by EXreaction »

Premodified phpBB packages are not supported.

EDIT: And I just noticed how old the thread was. :P

area51 hasn't been very active lately, has it? :shock:
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phpbb 3.0 RC4 pre modded 0.1 (ysfi)

Post by bbrian017 »

Welcome and thank you for choosing phpbb 3.0 RC4 pre modded 0.1 (ysfi)

Installation: Easy 10 minutes Install and go
MOD: phpbb 3 pre modded
Works with: phpbb rc4
Language: en
Author bbrian017

Currently Supported and Available Themes

Author: phpbb

Progress: Complete
MOD Name: alphaPORTAL
MOD Version: 0.2.3
Author: harmlessgoat22
MOD Description: Full portal and adds pages to phpBB3. Also has sidebars on most all pages. Single sidebar on viewforum pages and a few others
Double Sidebar Pages, Portal, Index, Custom Pages, Search, Faq, View Online
Single Sidebar Pages: Memberlist, Groups, View Forum, View Topic

Progress: Complete
MOD: [Beta] Evil quick reply 0.1.5
Mod Description:This modification will add a hidden quick reply form to the bottom of the viewtopic page. It adds a "Quick reply" image next to "Post reply", that will display the quick reply form when clicked. The goal of this MOD is not to offer as many features as possible, it's built to be as simple as possible.
Mod Author: eviL <3

Progress: In Dev
MOD: Genders
MOD Description: This MOD will allow your members to specify their Gender. They can chose between "Male", "Female" and "None specified".
Mod Author: eviL<3

Progress: In Dev
MOD: Multi Quote
MOD Description: This mod will allow you to make multiple quotes on multiple pages when posting a reply.
Mod Author: Darkera13

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