Deleting/Reinstalling EM-installed MODs after phpbb upgrade

Wondering why that MOD you have won't install correctly? Let's take a look
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Re: Deleting/Reinstalling EM-installed MODs after phpbb upgrade

Post by karlsemple »

Adding to what Eelke has said, most decent hosts will disable forums which are running 2.0.6 simply because it is so insecure now. Updates are released for a reason ;)

EDIT: Actually not entirely true...most decent hosts would probably have their servers setup securely so it would not be a worry, so I'll rephrase, conscientious hosts will disable phpBB installs running old a versions simply to eliminate the possible risks

Also moved to the correct forum since this was originally an Easy mod support issue :)
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Re: Deleting/Reinstalling EM-installed MODs after phpbb upgrade

Post by Nightrider »

kissels wrote: I recently upgraded my phpbb from version 2.0.6 to 2.0.22. EasyMod was apparently not affected and is visible on the admin panel after upgrade. I had 5 MODs installed via EM prior to the upgrade that are not working and I need to reinstall them. The EM history shows, however, that they are already installed. I tried removing one of them from the EM history and deleting the files from the server via FTP, but when I re-uploaded the MOD, it still won't show up as an unprocessed MOD that needs to be installed. In another forum, I was told that I needed to delete the files from the "ems database," but am not sure how to do that or if that is accurate.

Any help/instruction on how to reinstall previously EM-installed MODs after upgrading would be appreciated. Thanks!

Kissels, since no one has bothered to answer your original question yet, I will try to do so. I could care less what phpBB version you are running...

If you replaced the phpBB files with clean copies of the phpBB 2.0.22 files, then none of your previously installed MODs are installed any longer. So if they are still showing in EM history, you will have to remove the MOD records from EM History. EM will not display any MOD listed in EM History. So if you are starting from scratch, can either remove the MODs one at a time in EM History or you can empty the phpbb_easymod and phpbb_easymod_processed_files tables...

If you updated your phpBB board using the phpBB Update files, then the MODs should still be installed. So you really don't want to double install them...

MOD Not in Unprocessed List

There are several different reasons why this could happen:
  1. The MOD Script isn't written in a format that EM can read. Could you provide a download link for the MOD? Have you ever been able to install any other MODs using EM???
  2. You are not uploading the MOD folder to your admin/mods directory...
  3. The MOD script is not in the root of the MOD folder...
  4. The MOD has previously been installed and the MOD record is in EM History. If you are sure you want to reinstall the MOD, you can delete the MOD record in EM History. Then it will appear in EM's Unprocessed list...
  5. There is a problem with your EM install. On some sites, such as Awardspace and Lycos to name a few, the standard version of EM won't work. There is a specially modified version of EM available to work on sites like this. To find out whether you have one of these sites, check the file permissions on some of your phpBB files. If they are all set to 755, you will need to install a special version of EM...
Removing Records from EM History

You can either empty the phpbb_easymod and phpbb_easymod_processed_files tables in your new board or you can go into EM History in your ACP MOD Center and delete all the MOD records...

You can easily go into EM History and click on the Details button next to each record:


Then scroll to the bottom of the page, select Delete MOD Record and the Go button:


Then when asked to confirm the request, select the Yes button:


Then you will be able to install the MODs into your forum...

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Re: Deleting/Reinstalling EM-installed MODs after phpbb upgrade

Post by kissels »

Thanks! I idumped the whole darn thing, though, so I'm thinking about just installing the whole 2.0.22 package and then figuring out how to "connect" it to my database via phpMyAdmin. Haven't worked with it yet, so I'm entering new territory.