SVG as forum images ...

All style (template, theme and imageset) related questions for the new release; advice, feedback here please.
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SVG as forum images ...

Post by DeatzoSeol »

Okay, here goes ...

I was wondering about something ... Something that might bring styling beyond anything that has been done on styling.
Why don't we use SVG images as forum images ... The possibilities with SVG (it is, just like XHTML, a XML-language and can therefore be auto-generated by PHP) are endless ... Any form, any colour, any text, even - (yes, even that!) - CSS and XSLT support ...
So, I was thinking, why don't we convert all our obsolete old fashioned PNGs to SVG images ... The easy thing about it is ... you don't need to make new images for every different template, you just make a CSS/XSLT-file per style, which could then somehow be applied to the SVG image, drastically lessening bandwidth and storage... And making it a lot easier to edit!
Okay ... stop dreaming! Though this is possible ... it is hard, really really hard... But hey, together, we can lift mountains ...
So, is someone really familiar with SVG? And knows how to make SVGs through PHP?

Now, I'm asking this because I have my rank images (which are SVG) in the same format, but all different colours, I want to get rid of having one image per colour, and instead have the base SVG image, to which then a CSS/XSLT (defining the colours) is applied to... Hard, eh?

One more thing, IE doesn't support SVGs very well - or even not at all - , but IE sucks ...
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Re: SVG as forum images ...

Post by Cap'n Refsmmat »

SVGs also take more browser rendering time (it actually has to work to paint them on the screen) and take up more space. And IE has no support for them.

Use them to store the artwork on your own computer, then generate PNGs once the file has been edited to your liking.
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Re: SVG as forum images ...

Post by Yawnster »

Trust me when i say that its not just you that wants the web to change, but due to the nature of web progress, SVG wont mature for quite a while, espically as IE6 is still going to be around for years to come..

Although it would be great to have the images in SVG format, I feel that v4 (or v3.2 for that matter) would really be the place for them, as hopefully in a year or two IE7 will have enough of a market share to make the technology viable..

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