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Wondering why that MOD you have won't install correctly? Let's take a look
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profile Control Panel

Post by Zeeshaan »

I installed a profile control panel mod on easy mod before from although it did not work jsut like all the mods I try to install on easy mod. Anways know that I removed it when you try to register you get this error

Code: Select all

Could not update session robot


SQL Error &#58 1054 Unknown column 'session_robot' in 'field list'

UPDATE phpbb_sessions SET session_robot = '0a4fWjiF' WHERE session_id = 'e93a96a8208b21d95cf904668c577c98'

Line &#58 510
File &#58 profilcp_register.php
Can anyone help me I need to get a backup for the sql.
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Re: profile Control Panel

Post by Nux »

You've probably didn't run some install.php file that were supposed to install database changes. Check the Author Notes at the MOD file.