Install, Admin Panel not showing words

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Install, Admin Panel not showing words

Post by robandcathie »

I have just installed EasyMod manually. For some reason I could not get it to connect using ftp, although I use other ftp programs successfully.

My issue is this:

For some reason it appears there may be some type of error in a file that is eliminating labels that would normally appear in the phpbb admin panel. To start with instead of saying MOD install under Modifications, it says MOD ainstall . When I click on MOD settings my screen to the right gives me two empty boxes. Next to the left box is a ":" I assumed that was a password box, and the empty box below it was a submit or ok button.

When the setting screen comes up I have two boxes at the top, since one has several "*" in it I am assuming these are password boxes but I have no labels. Then I have three drop-down boxes that are empty, etc.

Anobody have any thought on what the problem might be?

I am using EasyMOD 0.2.1a
and PHPBB 2.017

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Re: Install, Admin Panel not showing words

Post by Nux »

You installed manually and made a common error of not changing the name of easymod's lang file.

should be copied (or moved) to:

(the same goes to any other languages)