won't accept *the right* password

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won't accept *the right* password

Post by novakane007 »

I read the FAQ and looked around for some topics to help. After much bashing my hand on desk I'm posting for help.
I've installed EM, I couldn't login, so I tried to re-install it after much jigging. After re-installing it and making the password something really simple, it still said the password was invalid. So something isn't working right.
I'm running SELinux if that makes a difference. Don't know if anyone has had some experience with that.
Also, the EMversion changer doesn't work. I followed the instructions and when I run the php file from the browser it just shows a blank page. Out of frustration I tried running it from console and it throws an error from the first line, but I don't think I'm supposed to be doing it from console so I won't get into that.
Please help.
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Re: won't accept *the right* password

Post by robertmf »

Same EM won't accept correct password problemo here.

Where is the password stored? Can't seem to find it .....

..... ah! compliments of "stubbers"
Lot's of people have this problem, there is a file called empw.php.txt which is found in the includes folder of the easymod folder.

Download that file and rename it to just empw.php. Now re-upload the file to your admin directory ie (phpbb/admin/)

Now goto http://yourdomain.com/phpBB2/admin/empw.php" target="_blank and just type in a new password for easymod and ebrter your FTP password (optional).

NOTE: Once you've changed your password make sure you delete the empw.php from your admin directory or just rename to empw.php.txt again.

This instruction was stolen from a post on page 2
// edited since answer found :D
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Re: won't accept *the right* password

Post by Kerry2 »

I don't see the empw.php file.

I have EM alpha3 (0.0.10a) installed. The password I gave it during install doesn't work now. So, I'm either trying to upgrade to EM x.13 or uninstall em.

Tips 'n tricks?



PS. I tried following some instructions on how to get/change the EM password via MySQL but mine is different than the poster's.
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Re: won't accept *the right* password

Post by Kerry2 »


I grabbed a copy of empw.php.txt from EM1.3 and changed its name to empw.php and uploaded it via FTP to forum/admin. Then via Forefox I fetched mydomain.com/forum/admin/empw.php

and I got a list of 7 warnings and a Fatal Error "Cannot instantiate non-existent class: cipher_blockmode_cbc "

I'm thinking it would be easier to uninstall EM and start fresh but I don't see any instructions on how to uninstall it.

I also tried to change the EM password using toolkit.php but discovered that when one changes the admin or mod password to use toolkit it only works for the toolkit and doesn't change the root Admin or EM passwords.


Thanks, Kerry
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Re: won't accept *the right* password

Post by doublemint »

i had same problem, apparently there was no password set after install.
So I just left the password box empty and clicked the access easymod button.
That did the trick for me.
Hope it helps for you guys.