Join a Usergroup change/addon

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Join a Usergroup change/addon

Post by Pheonix911 »

I was curious if there's a way to (create an addon/ track down one):

1) Ask extra questions for joining a usergroup, like adding experience / references / or i.e. a gaming community to join a certain game ask what rpg roll do you play ect.

2) once user group application finished the application automagically posts in the matching created by admin usergroup thread.
i.e. if you apply for a graphics design group, it'll go to Graphics Applications thread in the forum. Moderator group would go to the Moderator application thread.

3) is there a way to notify say founders of Graphics usergroup that they have a new application, founders of the moderator group get notified for moderator applications ect..

I know this is crazy but I know I got this to work on the uber expensive vBulletin, but I love open source applications/software, ya'll listen to the people and not in it for the greed.

I apologize if this is the wrong area to ask such questions.

Thank you for your time!
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Re: Join a Usergroup change/addon

Post by bonelifer »

You should post that as an extension request in the [3.1.x] Extension Requests forum on the main board.
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