matching codes to MySQL entries

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matching codes to MySQL entries

Post by tony8028 »

Hi there

This is very much a newbie question so please forgive me. :oops:

I develop wordpress sites, mainly relying on plugins etc that i can find although I know some basic PHP.

I need to modify a Contact 7 form that that a user can enter an unique ID number which corrolates to an entry in the database with the results being displayed on the response page.

So as part of a contact form, the user enters "123456" and the response page would say "congratulations you have won a movie ticket" or "sorry, not a winner"

There are several different prizes.

My spreadsheet clearly labels which prize goes with which unique ID


165262 | movie ticket
616626 | discount offer
526377 | Free entry

Obviously I want to ensure that each ID can only be used once.

if anyone could perhaps give me a head start on how I could implement this within wordpress I would be very greatful.

It doesnt have to exist within the Contact 7 framework - thats just what I am using now

regards :)

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Re: matching codes to MySQL entries

Post by DavidIQ »

Hi there and welcome to the development forum for phpBB.

While it doesn't need to use Contact 7 the form does have to exist within a phpBB installation for us to answer your question. We don't offer support or answer questions for anything that isn't related to our product.