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Topic blizzicon

Post by Breathi »

Hello there,

I don't know where i write this in :D

I have the Extention "Rank Post Styling" and the PBWoW 3 Style.

So there is a div id called blizzicon and thats for the topic icons..

The originalcode in the File "viewforum_body.html" is:

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<div class="list-inner" id="blizzicon">
but thats displays all over the blizzicon..

now i try to write them, if the author rank == administrator or if the author name == Breathi .. then use the icon.. here the code:

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<div <!-- IF TOPIC_AUTHOR == 'BREATHI'-->class="list-inner" id="blizzicon"><!-- ENDIF -->class="list-inner">
but it doesnt show the blizzicon.

please can everybody help me?
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Re: Topic blizzicon

Post by DavidIQ »


The proper place for your query is in the Rank Post Styling extension support area on, not here on Area 51.

Thank you.