Styles not showing up!

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Richard Harper
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Styles not showing up!

Post by Richard Harper »

Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply.

I have been looking around the the answer for a few days with no luck.

I used PHPBB years ago and decided to install it again, but am having this problem when trying to add a new style.

The domain is:

I first installed the forum using the hosts cpannel, everything went well until i tried to add a style.
I followed the instructions on a you tube video, as a web developer it all seemed easy enough, I found a style i linked, i downloaded it and unzipped it and uploaded it to the "styles" folder, i went back into the admin and went to the customise tab then to install styles tab and nothing!
I tried a few more and again nothing!

I searched for an answer and i seem to be doing everything ok.
I deleted the folder and database assuming it was a bad install, next i did a manuel install downloading it and uploading the forum into the folder and installed again, again it all went well, i set everything up ok and all was fine, i tried to install a few new styles but again i can't see any to install, what am i doing wrong?

These things i have checked:
  • Files in the styles are ok: template, theme, imageset and style.cfg all there.
  • new styles are in the same folder as prosilver
  • prosilver installed ok
  • In General tab/Board settings/Override user style = No
  • php settings are all OK and permissions are OK
  • 4 different style tried from different locations
  • styles are:
    • AcidTechPurple
    • GetawayPurple
    • khaki
    • se_square_left
  • Read as many other posts regarding this problem as i can find but nothing seems to work!
Any suggestions greatly appreciated
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Re: Styles not showing up!

Post by DavidIQ »

Hi there,

You've posted in our development forum. If you wish to receive support please post about your issue on our main site under the correct version support section:

Our Support Team will be happy to assist you.

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