Log In/Out Bug Found In phpBB, Please Fix

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Log In/Out Bug Found In phpBB, Please Fix

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The bug is not visible on all browsers, and it is only present on half of web hosting servers.

No one can figure out exactly why some web hosts have this phpBB Bug while other web hosts don't have this phpBB Bug.

I've recently had tech support from two different web hosts confirm that this is a real bug that they can't figure out what the cause is or how to fix it.

The other web hosts I've spoken with are telling me that instead of trying to find a web host that doesn't have the problem with phpBB, that the developers of phpBB need to identify what is causing this and to fix it.

Here is a link to the original topic discussion
https://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtop ... &t=2260761
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Re: Log In/Out Bug Found In phpBB, Please Fix

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The place to report bugs is on our tracker if you have steps to reproduce consistently, otherwise it will just get closed as invalid. Support has already been provided in the proper location (phpBB.com) and the root cause of the issue (the styles being used) was already identified by those helping in that topic so there is no need to have yet another discussion topic about this.