Network Status Micro Site | GSOC 2013

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Network Status Micro Site | GSOC 2013

Post by shashankmehta »

I'm a student at Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, India. I have worked on various applications with PHP being my preferred language. I have also developed apps in Node.JS. I'm very comfortable with git and I'm a fanboy of Github! I'm reading up on Symfony now, I haven't used it before.

I'm a member of Software Developer Section at IITRoorkee. This section develops intranet apps for the betterment of the Institute. We have around 10 apps and we soon felt the need for a status site. I made this status site for SDS. I used cURL php library (since pingdom cannot access intranet apps) for checking status and Toro micro-framework for the basic features. I'm attaching two screenshots. One has status only and no links: this one is for users/public. The other screenshot has links and also includes internal applications: this is for developers of lab. SDS status site is in a similar situation to phpBBStatusSite. Some of the features that I planned on including in SDS Status have been listed in GSoC ideas list for phpBBStatusSite. Hence, I was very interested in this project.

The first step for the status site will be to add logging of downtime. Using the data gathered, statistics related to uptime can be displayed. Then I think an admin panel should be created where
Email addresses to which downtime notification is to be sent can be added
New checks can be added on Pingdom. (Pingdom api supports this)
Recheck can be forced (I'm not sure if Pingdom's api supports this. I might have missed it in the documentation)
Scheduled downtime notices can be put up.
Notices can be put up during unexpected downtimes.
These are some of the basic features that I think should be part of a status site.

I have phpBBStatusSite setup on my localhost for testing and experimenting. I'll read up on the codebase in next few days.

Any suggestions regarding features that I can add to the proposal would be much appreciated. I was also trying to find any relevant discussions regarding this micro site in area51 without much success.

Public facing version
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Developer version
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Re: Network Status Micro Site | GSOC 2013

Post by asperous »


I'm a gsoc aspirant like yourself, but I didn't see any of the other developers comment so I thought I'd provide some suggestions.

Personally I think your design is fine, but what do you have against the old one? I think the design is good already, you just need to add more features to it such as the things you mention.

Also I think it's important to answer some of the other questions like how will you split it up? "It should be able to be broken down into smaller manageable phases/chunks (one per feature or bug fix) and your timeline should detail these phases."

Best wishes!
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