Free phpBB mode for website safety

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Free phpBB mode for website safety

Post by AlexSurly »

Hello Area51 community!
Your feedback is needed! I'd like to share with you the little CMS addition our team have recently developed, called It's a new free mod for phpBB that helps all webmasters and bloggers to avoid danger coming from links posted by spammers. Links posted by suspicious users on your forum are potentially dangerous, they can result into your position decrease in Google search, violate AdSense policies down to ban, etc (as they may lead to improper resources with phishing, adult or pirated content), so this mod replaces them with secure links to interstitial pages on, and your forum and your visitors are both safe.

In fact, use of this mod entails the following benefits:
1) Your forum/website visitors are safe - maleficent links posted by some scammers in forum posts will be detected and your visitors warned.
2) Your website's position in Google search is secure - no accidental position drop by Google due to some illegal links posted by spammers.
3) No accidental suspension of your Google AdSense account because of links to bad content (adult, warez, etc) posted by spammers on your forum.
4) You can always obtain safe status from SiteAdvisor.

I hope that some of you will find this project interesting to try and share your feedback right here. We need your questions and suggestions! Thanks.
More info about you can get at its website
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Re: Free phpBB mode for website safety

Post by Oleg »

Your phpbb plugin must be licensed under gplv2 only (not v2 or later), same as phpbb's license.

Is your post related to phpbb development in some way? Modifications should be submitted to customization db on
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Re: Free phpBB mode for website safety

Post by imkingdavid »

This appears to simply be an advertisement for a CMS modification he created. This forum (in fact, this entire board) is not the correct place to post about this. I am going to lock this topic and I ask that if you wish to get feedback on your modification you should post in the MODs In Development forum (if your MOD is currently in active development) or submit it to the Customisations Database if it is ready for use in a live environment. Note that you will need to register a separate account on the main phpBB Community board to do either of the above, if you have not done so already.

Thank you!
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