Google Summer of Code 2013

Discuss general development subjects that are not specific to a particular version like the versioning control system we use or other infrastructure.
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Re: Google Summer of Code 2013

Post by Vinny »

GSoC 2012 not over yet, so I think that 2013 is still far away.

Anyway, you can contribute with phpBB3 at any moment. Some useful links:
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Re: Google Summer of Code 2013

Post by imkingdavid »

We can't promise you will be accepted beforehand, but the best way to raise your chances is to start familiarizing yourself with phpBB now. Because most/all GSoC projects will be centered around improving the core codebase, I recommend you start getting used to all of the aspects of core contribution (i.e. Git, GitHub, the coding guidelines, the Issue Tracker, etc.). If you already know how all of that works, in my opinion you will be a much better candidate for selection than someone who would potentially have to be taught all of that later on.

Once you know how to do all that (or even as a way to learn it) you are welcome to start contributing now to phpBB; you don't have to wait for GSoC. You are welcome to browse the RFCs forum and the Issue Tracker to find something you would like to work on. Once you have your GitHub fork set up, just make your changes to a new topic branch on your fork and send a Pull Request. We will test and review it and if it is good, it can be merged. And of course, even if your first attempt doesn't end up getting merged into the core, it will be good experience.

If you need help or have questions, you are welcome to find us on IRC (the #phpbb-dev channel on the Freenode server; that link is a direct link to log in to our IRC channel on a web-based IRC client). When you're there, don't ask to ask, just ask. Don't worry, we don't bite (hard). ;)
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