Provisioning With Ansible?

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Provisioning With Ansible?

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I setup a couple Ansible-playbooks for setting up a server to run a phpBB 3 forum.

My current setup runs a bash script to bring up an EC2 Micro instance, and provisions it with Ansible.
It not at all polished, but I think serves as a 'proof of concept.'

I wanted to share this the idea with the phpBB community, because I thought it could make setup/installation much simpler.
After the first playbook runs, you just have to go to the site, on '/install' and go through the install process there.
Then run the post install playbook on the server and it is ready.

Here is my repo
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Re: Provisioning With Ansible?

Post by Oleg »

Thank you for sharing. You might want to start a wiki page ( for this sort of thing.
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