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Discuss general development subjects that are not specific to a particular version like the versioning control system we use or other infrastructure.
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Getting involved page

Post by Oleg »

Our current "getting involved" pages/documentation is a bit of a mess. Various versions of it apply to circa pre-2010 when we did not want patches, have svn instructions, etc.

I created a new "getting involved" document here:

It should cover all of the high level options. Some of the bullet points need additional documents expanding on them:
  • Patch creation and submission - a straightforward document explaining how to create and submit patches in the format that we prefer. There is but it feels not quite right. There is also which possibly duplicates some of the content. Ideally this page should contain enough information, and nothing irrelevant, that someone completely new to the project, and possibly to git, could submit a proper patch for a reasonably simple bug or enhancement. It should cover forking the repository on github, topic branches, proper commit messages, link to coding guidelines, pull request and associated tracker ticket.
  • RFC process - I don't believe this is actually comprehensively documented in one place. When are RFCs needed, what stages they go through, etc.
The links should be prettified. An opportunity for someone to get involved ;)

Apparently I also created a while ago, that still seems relevant but it is really a "getting started with modifying the code" which is one level below "get involved".

And the inventory of outdated/incorrect pages:
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