Database/Posting Problem on Forum

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Database/Posting Problem on Forum

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We've been having continuous errors while submitting posts on our forum for a while now, and none of us can figure it out. I am posting here for the first time in hopes that maybe somebody can point me in the right direction.

It is a historical re-enacting forum we have been running since 2005 using phpbb1 and have been upgrading progressively throughout the years. I'm guessing some of the mysql db got a little tangled up during the last transfer onto our server. There has been some minimal template modification, however, it should not affect the usability. The current version we're running is 3.0.RC4 and I'm hesitant to upgrade to the latest if the forms are not currently working; I want to avoid losing any data.

(I have uploaded the error messages as they appear)

Problem: Everything functions correctly except for the post submission. Either of these messages will appear:

Even though the error page occurs after submitting the form, the posting is still made. Thus, the forum is still operable... however, annoying. I noticed that it does not occur when editing an existing post.

Also, seemingly unrelated, every now and then members receive this server error: ... 0Error.htm

Please let me know if anybody knows where I can find a solution to any of this. I appreciate the help.
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Re: Database/Posting Problem on Forum

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Your best bet is to post in the Support Forums over at
This is a development board and not meant for support. Thanks.
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