Forum alignment messed up.

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Forum alignment messed up.

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*reposted here as previous thread was locked - can someone please move this to the 'main' forum if this isn't it as I can't really tell going on the board name - thanks*

Hi all, I know this isn't a support forum and I read the rule saying don't ask and go to - which I did and I've had such little response that I'm a bit desperate now - I know this isn't likely to big problem and anyone who has a good knowledge of this would probably be able to help so this is a plea for anyone with a few spare minutes who fancies doing a good deed for me. I truly am sorry to break the rule with this post but I need help and I'm really struggling to get the attention of those on

This image should explain my problem and my forum can be found at


I had a small redesign of the forum and edited the colours.css / common.css / overall header and footer but I only edited the colours and replaced a few images (nothing else I don't believe) and when I refreshed everything was out of line and it looks shabby. Can anyone help me fix this so I can learn where I went wrong? I want everything in line to where it says 'It is currently 06 Dec...'

I'm sure it's quite trivial but I can't for the life of me figure out why this has happened and I''m now live with this board and it's not good enough

Thanks in advance guys, your help is much appreciated.
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Re: Forum alignment messed up.

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As per the other topic and your own statement, this site is not for support. It is for discussing the development of phpBB. Please wait for a response to your topics at