Email Content of Postings for Subscribed Forums

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Email Content of Postings for Subscribed Forums

Post by sp4x »

We have a lightly used Discus Pro discussion forum. About 100 active users in a professional area and probably 50-75 getting emails with each posting with the content of the posting.

When we tried to change to vBulletin 3.8 last year, we were able to import the Discus postings and all. Our users rebelled as they liked the email with the content in the email. The activity dropped way, way off and we changed back to the Discus Pro software.

I have looked through phpBB and vBulletin discussions regarding listservs. There appears to be an active demand that is unmet. I would probably import our forum to vBulletin 3.8 using IMPEX and then import to phpBB if we were to make a move,

I am not looking for a complete listserv capability, such as being able to accept incoming emails for postings, just an email out. I have played with the phpBB demo board and another phpBB forum I participate in. phpBB will send out an email notice for subscribed forums that a posting was made.

Can the phpBB email notice include the content of the posting?

It seems simple to do as all the code except for including the content is already there. If the servers are not overloaded with an email notice, they should not be overwhelmed when the content (perhaps no images or attachments) is included - perhaps another 300-1000 bytes.

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Re: Email Content of Postings for Subscribed Forums

Post by bonelifer »

You should really use the main board( ) for these sort of questions. There is a mod that will do what you want that's been validated and is in the Customization Database:

Prime Notify -->>
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