1 Board for 22 Universities from Austria

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1 Board for 22 Universities from Austria

Post by mathias.d »

I'm a psycology student of the university of Klagefurt (Austria). I do complementary work for the Austrian Students' union. A big problem we have these days is the lack of communication between our union people from unversity to university but also between students. In order to find one effective "meeting point" I (well, very kind people of our university informatic department..) tried to set up a Forum for all Students of the University of Klagenfurt: http://oeh-forum.uni-klu.ac.at (over 7000 Ldap clients). I'm very enthused about all the funtionalities.. This board will launch officially in 2 months.

Now I'm trying to find funds an clearence to set up the same thing for all 22 Universities (290000 Students). I'm afraid that my technical knowledge is limited. All I know, it was not easy to set up the this board (oeh-forum.uni-klu..) because of security standards requested by the collage administration. But in the end we bought aditional certificates and it went online. Now the big question is how could we connect the user account of all those collages to set up a universal Login. There is something we use to facilitate the connection to the different Wlan Hotspots on our collages (EDUROAM). Now on almost every collage every student can connect with his/her Login (given by their own collage).

Is there someone who could help me understand what is needed to realize this project?
If there is even someone able and willing to help us with this? I can ensure fair payment by our union.

pls dont bash me to death ;)
best wishes to all!
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Re: 1 Board for 22 Universities from Austria

Post by callumacrae »

A - this should have been asked on phpbb.com
B - you're not allowed to offer payment or recruit people

Sounds interesting though :)

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