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I create projects that use login control, but in most cases I don't use the full package of phpBB for the projects. I use only the registration and user admin parts. When I do this I can't simply disable the board, I need it for user registrations. I have to rebuild the main few pages to make it usable for registration only. My idea would be to see a package built strictly for user control. I love the phpBB product and it's features and when the full package is needed I use it solely and I look for theme/style to match the project or custom create the required items as needed. But with the majority of my projects, I use just the user admin portion. I was wondering if it was possible to peel the admin user section and registration section out for such project building? I ask this because every time there is an update I have to fully recreate the site based on the changes. I was wondering if all updates actually effect the registration and user admin sections only?

Lost and not sure where it to post this.

(been using phpBB since around 1999, and working in php since about then also that is what got me to learn (self-taught) to use php i don't claim myself as a wiz in php and never will but i have built several projects from scratch and used phpBB as my guide and learning tool. If it wasn't for the mod portion of phpBB i would have never gotten into php.)
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I don't think this will ever be available and feasible, certainly not. :ugeek:

At some point when all *CPs will be brought to controllers / classes maybe you can use them for your own use and benefit by extracting them from the code. This however is and will be something you will have to do on your own, maybe helping yourself with the help that will be available by posting your request at

I'm not sure what you're doing and how you're doing it and maybe if you explain it better maybe some experts could guide you towards a better solution.
Once again I would like to say that any questions you may have should be addressed to the main website as per above, my 2€cents.
capitaneja wrote: Fri Oct 30, 2020 2:15 am been using phpBB since around 1999
phpBB 1.0.0 was released on December 16, 2000 IIRC.
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