[RFC] HTML5 input types for form fields

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Re: [RFC] HTML5 input types for form fields

Post by imkingdavid »

I think he means the HTML 5 fields that automatically let you know when a value in them does not meet the requirements. For instance, I think the email input type turns red when the value inside doesn't look like an email address.
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Re: [RFC] HTML5 input types for form fields

Post by callumacrae »

Oh, I wasn't aware of that behaviour. Will have to have a play! :-D
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Re: [RFC] HTML5 input types for form fields

Post by Michaelo »

Yep... HTML5 has built in validation using the required tag...
It also including some nice scripts to indicate the field in question without having to write your own procedures...
So far I've only used it to ensure a field is not left blank... don't know if you can extend it to use rules... but it's still a time saver...
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