[RFC|Accepted] Support of SQLite 3.0+

These requests for comments/change have lead to an implemented feature that has been successfully merged into the 3.1/Ascraeus branch. Everything listed in this forum will be available in phpBB 3.1.
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Boris Berdichevski
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Re: [RFC|Accepted] Support of SQLite 3.0+

Post by Boris Berdichevski »

May be, in alpha-versions of Ascraeus we don't move to new DBAL version. So, we need support SQLite 3.0+ now, on versions phpBB 3.0.x too.
In future all code of our drivers will be changed, not only sqlite_3.php.
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Re: [RFC|Accepted] Support of SQLite 3.0+

Post by DrStrangelove »

bantu wrote:The question is whether it makes sense adding SQLite 3.0+ support using PDO without having a generic PDO implemention because that's been moved back to 3.2.
Redoing the database layer doesn't really have anything to do with a specific backend. That it requires a newer version of PHP shouldn't be a blocker either, but obviously there need to be checks that the driver isn't used if the PHP version doesn't support it.

Since the reasons for supporting sqlite3 were IMO very good ones, I'd say it should be included in 3.1 and then redesigned for 3.2.
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Re: [RFC|Accepted] Support of SQLite 3.0+

Post by Oleg »

php 5.4 removes sqlite from default distribution.

http://us3.php.net/manual/en/migration5 ... nsions.php
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Re: [RFC|Accepted] Support of SQLite 3.0+

Post by igorw »

Clarification: only the sqlite2 extension is removed.
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