Ajaxified extension actions

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Ajaxified extension actions

Post by mrgoldy »

Now that extensions' actions (enable / disable / delete data) are ajaxified, there seem to be an increased amount in support tickets, reporting very generic errors. And currently it is rather hard to assist these users, as we first have to explain them how to debug ajax requests, with either looking at the response tab (which is incredibly hard to read) or disable javascript temporary in their browser. Both are done through the Developer tools in their browser, which shouldn't really be a place for them to be in to begin with.

Those generic errors are just the way ajax requests are set up. And almost never actually needed, as usually ajax requests are done for rather small adjustments on the backend, which shouldn't go wrong. Especially cause they are all part of the core code, which we have control over. However, this is not really the case for extensions. People will install (unapproved) extensions, that might not be correct. Or extensions that do rather large (database/filesystem/etc..) changes through migrations, where the potential that something goes wrong is rather large.

Anyway, that's that and not what I want to discuss here.

I think it might aid the support, if we add a button in the upper right corner of the customise tab, that lists the extensions.
"Temporary disable AJAX", or something of the likes. Which is just a link to the same module, with an extra GET parameter ajax=off.
If that is set, we do not add the data-ajax attributes to the actions, which will make them regular again, as they were in the past.
That way, proper (read: full) exceptions are thrown, which can be easily copied when necessary, if they do not already provide a clear answer to begin with.

Let me know your thoughts,
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Re: Ajaxified extension actions

Post by david63 »

Sounds a good idea to me
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Re: Ajaxified extension actions

Post by 3Di »

I was the one who noticed the issue time ago (26/Dec/19), see:
https://tracker.phpbb.com/browse/PHPBB3 ... ment-62798

Hence IMHO it is and remains a blocker.
The idea of having a button to disable Ajax is welcome but I'd prefer to remove Ajax at all from there, there is no reason for it.

Changed now the issue's title BTW.
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