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Post by kaka »

I'm new and I hope that I picked up the right board for this kind of question.

I'm looking for a library to run some basic task on an external phpbb site. Tasks like:
- list of the boards available
- date of the last post in a specific board

I'm new in this kind of programming area and I'm wondering if there are any library/API to start with.

Looking around on Internet I find out various solutions but I'm wondering which is the best one. I meant, someone proposed some HTML parser (BeautifulSoup) or a browser emulator (mechanize) and I'm really confused. Finally, the restful API

Where do you suggest me to start. Also, a very simple example in order to obtain the list of boards available would be very useful.
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Re: library/API

Post by DavidIQ »

If you found examples on the Internet you'll need to use those as there is no official way to do any of that. If you're looking for an extension to help you or for guidance on how to create an extension then the correct place to ask about that would be at our primary forum:
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Re: library/API

Post by david63 »

I would suggest that you use the correct terminology as I believe that you are referring to forum not a board.

Board = a number of fora
Forum = a number of topics
Topic = a number of posts
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