Do We Still Need Auto Update?

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Re: Do We Still Need Auto Update?

Post by Ger »

Indeed, I missed that completely.
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Re: Do We Still Need Auto Update?

Post by DavidIQ »

Ger wrote: Mon Jan 16, 2017 9:56 am In fact, I recall this has been discussed about a year ago or so, but -IIRC- DavidIQ mentioned it wouldn't be so simple.
DavidIQ wrote: I fully agree that the automatic updater should just be removed.[...]
What I've changed my mind on has been the "file differences" list. I don't think we need to even do that either, unless we go a similar route of what Coppermine does and allow for getting such a list separate from the installation.
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Re: Do We Still Need Auto Update?

Post by KaileyT »

Everyone makes some great points, however I'm split on this. I'm in favor of removing the auto update package, but would ask to please keep the patch files option - they save me a boatload of time. :)
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Re: Do We Still Need Auto Update?

Post by mrgtb »

I agree, don't stop the patch files option. Some of us now have to upgrade our forums that way with "far fewer files to upload". Otherwise it becomes a huge job upgrading your forum with the full upgrade package when you've made changes. At least with the patch files, 9 times out of 10 you can just overwrte the same files because they wasn't changed in any way. You can't do that with a full update package when some files have been changed, you don't know what files was changed/or not changed in the full upgrade - so your left having to reapply any custom changes afterwards because you need upload the full package.
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Re: Do We Still Need Auto Update?

Post by 3Di »

+1 to keep the patch files.
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Re: Do We Still Need Auto Update?

Post by david63 »

I would still contend that the basic tenet of phpBB from 3.1 onwards is that core files are not changed therefore there is no need for patch files.

Whilst patch files/auto-update are being "officially" supported then there is a perception that it is OK to change core files. This really is an issue for to resolve (actually, in my opinion, it should have been resolved at the time of 3.1's release) - either stop supporting core changes or "officially" revert to allowing mods.
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