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Re: Here is what I think

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I understand your frustration with phpBB when you come from WP. I also come from WP. When you've used WP over a long time, you quickly become comfortable with their WYSIWYG. I get it. WP is popular for a reason. It can be ridiculously easy - to their advantage.

WP can feel superior due to all development, interests, themes and plugins - but I still like phpBB. phpBB is different and, I must admit, more difficult to use. However, thanks to WP and despite its simplicity, I have better skills to take on phpBB. A few years ago, phpBB had been impossible for me to use. I'm grateful for those who advised me to install WP manually. This gave me a better understanding of how I install other software or themes and plugins.

I also wish that phpBB was more like WP sometimes. Thinking perhaps easier uploading of extensions and themes without having to go through FTP. However, there is an extension to upload extensions via ACP (perhaps this should be built into future phpBB?). I have no major problems with going through FTP, although I sometimes choose the wrong path. I'm still learning. I'll probably install the extension I mentioned.

Let's be honest, there's nothing like phpBB out there. No matter how simple WP is, it's not phpBB. If you want a feature-rich forum/community, and not a blog or a static page, phpBB is the obvious choice. There are various payment solutions but now it's open source that we're talking about. I really hope that phpBB has a future.

I'm not a developer but I have loose plans to educate myself (the hard part for me is the math). I wouldn't hesitate for a second to help out the phpBB community, if only I had knowledge. I love open source. WP and phpBB - for different purposes.
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