cutes and tildes search (feature request)

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cutes and tildes search (feature request)

Post by schlabs »

First of all, sorry if this is not the appropiate section, please move if is needed.

I am spanish talker, and use the spanish translation very well. I found a little problem when the people try to use the search engine. The problem is in spanish and i imagine in other languages (like portuguese and french) too.

The situation is the follow:
User 1: post "the dog make pipi on tree", in spanish this spell "el perro hace pipi en el árbol"
Please note the tilde in the "á"

When the User 2 use the search engine is normal that write "perro" "arbol" (dog & tree). Please note that the tilde is missing.

The actual result is "not found", but the spected result is "1 found".
Since the the misspellings with tildes are over 50% in spanish world, this become a big problem to found historical post.

So i suggest that the phpbb include a fuzzy search that allow found the user 1 post regardles if speled "árbol" or "arbol" (tree). Google, ebay, alibaba, mercadolibre and other selling sites do it.

The fuzzy table can be:
c=ç ( to be corrected, this is used in catalan, french and portuguese but not in spanish).

thanks you in advance.
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Re: cutes and tildes search (feature request)

Post by Pony99CA »

Just FYI, tilde is the "~" symbol, often (only?) found in Spanish above an "n". You didn't ask for a mapping of that.

You're referring to accent marks on the "a", except for the mark below the "c", which is a cedilla.

I have no idea what "cutes" are, unless that's short for "acute".

However, search mapping probably depends on what search method you're using and possibly what language your database uses. As I'm not an expert on the search methods that phpBB supports, I'll let somebody else comment on their internationalization support.

Another thing to watch out for is sort orders. If searches aren't localized, you may get various national characters sorting out of order for the language in use.

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Re: cutes and tildes search (feature request)

Post by schlabs »

Is right, "cutes" is bad spelled. I am refering to accents and cedillas. Sorry i dont know how traduce to english and write cutes and tildes.

I agree with you, each language need their own fuzzy search.
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