Show Quick links menu on hover, not on click

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Re: Show Quick links menu on hover, not on click

Post by Volksdevil »

From my experience (Car forums over 10 years), my users have always heavily used "New posts", "Active topics" and "Unread topics". Personally I think they are probably what most users go for when they login.

So I've always liked to have them in view, however the new 'Quick links' obviously hides them which to me doesn't seem very quick at all? :? :lol: So I've created some buttons that you can't really miss.

Made use of the responsive design too. :D
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Re: Show Quick links menu on hover, not on click

Post by Pony99CA »

I use both -- but in different places.

On, I use View Your Posts to see replies to topics that I've posted in. View New Posts would be too big a list.

Here on Area 51, View New Posts isn't so large, so I use that here and follow mostly every topic and there's no need to use View Your Posts much.

That said, having to click the menu doesn't bother me. I just wish that those FCLs (Frequently Clicked Links) didn't have to be hidden in a menu at all (on big screens). But that's already been hashed to death....

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Re: Show Quick links menu on hover, not on click

Post by JWPlatt »

Users on my forum detest the extra click required for the ironically named "QuickLinks." It's not "quick." I'd prefer an extension to replace the QuickLinks menu with a variable number of literal text and link entries so that we can restore what used to be there if we want without editing core files. If there are none of these literal links defined, the new QuickLinks menu would be used in combination with an OnHover enable/disable checkbox.
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