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Re: FAQ page musdie!

Post by nickvergessen »

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Re: FAQ page musdie!

Post by AmigoJack »

As long as pages won't turn up in keyword search results they're pretty much pointless. The FAQ is a good candidate: I can only get the information when I know how to get there, as if this is a library. But it's 2015 and one big benefit of computers is that texts are searchable. I see this so often in MODs/extensions being developed: new features/pages/controls galore, but being able to search on or to filter them is mostly missing.
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Re: FAQ page musdie!

Post by Pony99CA »

While the ability to search static pages would be nice, it's hardly required to make the pages useful. It just makes finding what you want more difficult. After all, libraries are still around. ;)

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