Quick Reply Text Doesnt Carry Over to PostReply

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Quick Reply Text Doesnt Carry Over to PostReply

Post by Alien_Time »

A few times this has happened to me and I find that annoying. When I start typing inside the Quick Reply Box and if I pressed the 'PostReply' button at the bottom instead of 'Full Editor & Preview' button, the text that were typed inside Quick Reply is not carried over to the Post Reply Page. Is it possible to have the same behaviour as the Full Editor button if someone clicks on PostReply button by mistake after typing something in Quick Reply?
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Re: Quick Reply Text Doesnt Carry Over to PostReply

Post by Pony99CA »

I don't see why it wouldn't be possible -- it's software -- and it seems like a reasonable idea.

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Re: Quick Reply Text Doesnt Carry Over to PostReply

Post by Jacob »

Well, the obvious answer is that you should hit the 'Full Editor' button. :p

I like having the two choices. If what I have written in the Quick Reply box is ok and I want to see how it looks, I hit "Full Editor & Preview". But sometimes I want to start over, and instead of going through the (minor) hassle of selecting the text and deleting it, I prefer to hit 'Post Reply' and star anew. I do it every once in a while.
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