[Template] Plans for mini post buttons?

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Re: [Template] Plans for mini post buttons?

Post by ..::Frans::.. »

I couldn't agree more with the remarks about the skupe, facebook, msn etc. buttons so let's agree to create a set that mimics the current state. I could create a RFC (can't find one that has a similar topic) for the new buttons but lets keep the discussion here about, well, the style as is (current prosilver).

Shouldn't your suggestion for resizing the buttons to mimic the larger topic buttons be a RFC too on its own or...???

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Re: [Template] Plans for mini post buttons?

Post by Pete77s »

Wow that was fast. Good job, Frans it is much better.

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Re: [Template] Plans for mini post buttons?

Post by hanakin »

not necessarily

Since you are in essence completely replacing the icons that currently exist with buttons the size of the buttons, HTML and CSS used in their creation is completely up for discussion! By breaking up into small hacks as it were just makes it confusing for the mod developers when comes to the changelog.

So the contact icons should be in a separate RFC by the definition of replacing the post icons...

It depends how you propose it and then ultimately up to the team to decide.

I would argue that the RFC process is sort of unclear when it comes to CSS/HTML changes but generally if you are completely replace one thing with another it should be valid

If I made an RFC for UI consistency since all the changes to all the buttons/forms would be using the same block of code or module as it were then that could and should be one RFC! IE the Responsive RFC that Arty put together which made alot of changes to HTML/CSS in various places.
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