Google App Engine support

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Google App Engine support

Post by olafg »

No longer needed. I have since then replaced just about all deprecated regular expressions with /e modifier, but the total amount of changes is too much for a forum post.

I now have a seemingly working App Engine port of phpbb, sans a few features such as attachment support which I don't need.

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Re: Google App Engine support

Post by luya »

I also installed phpBB on appengine but I still have some errors. After a user creates account, the whole web site loses styles for that user. I mean, there are no css anymore until they log out. Admin still has a style.
I would like to ask if you encountered such thing? I am new to phpbb and cloudsql, so any opinion would be helpful for me. Thank you in advance. Luya
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Re: Google App Engine support

Post by bantu »

Moved to Discussion as this is not an RFC.

For the record: We are more than happy to accept patches to get rid of eval and friends.
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