[RFC]Make permission system easy!

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Re: [RFC]Make permission system easy!

Post by Pony99CA »

imkingdavid wrote:I agree that the permissions system is complex, especially to new administrators. It could use a makeover on the frontend, but I personally do not have any idea concerning the best way to go about it.
One (simple) starting point would be to reorder the permissions.

That could be an RFC as it's easy to figure out how to implement.
imkingdavid wrote:In terms of what you suggested, that sounds a lot like the already existing Permission Roles. You can define a preset of permissions and then select that from the list when applying permissions to forums so that you don't have to manually select the permissions each time.
True, but somebody (probably the founder) has to create any new roles, which basically requires manipulating the "hard" version of the permissions. Once that's done, other admins can use them.

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Re: [RFC]Make permission system easy!

Post by yops »

Maybe make simple and advanced mode?
Simple mode will be like phpbb 2, few checks and you are done
Advanced mode will be the current one?
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